Richard Scrushy Seeks Pardon

Richard Scrushy Seeks Pardon

Washington, D.C., January 11, 2017 —Richard Scrushy, who was prosecuted along with former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, has sought a timely pardon from President Obama before he leaves office. This request for pardon arises from prosecutorial and most likely judicial misconduct in the Middle District of Alabama. Political operatives orchestrated a criminal prosecution by the United States Attorney in the Middle District of Alabama against Don Siegelman  and Richard Scrushy purportedly based on a campaign contribution to support a state lottery initiative for funding statewide education, like that in the neighboring state of Georgia.

In actuality, the criminal prosecution was orchestrated to bring to an end and permanently block Don Siegelman’s growing popularity in the South as a Democrat and perhaps future presidential candidate. The two men were convicted and sentenced to a lengthy sentence in 2007. Richard Scrushy has completed his sentence, but Don Siegelman remains incarcerated. Several law professors as well as 112 former State Attorneys General have written to President Obama criticizing this deplorable miscarriage of justice.

Given the prosecutorial misconduct of selective prosecution that occurred in their case and drawing on President Obama’s own words in his farewell speech to the nation, that “Selective sorting of the facts, is not only dishonest, it is self-defeating,” Scrushy is hopeful he will provide relief for this miscarriage of justice.

Mr. Scrushy’s letter to President Obama from his counsel seeking a pardon is attached. For further information, you may contact his counsel at 202-429-7125. You may also find more information about Richard Scrushy at