I am proud about having helped pass the Americans with Disabilities Act because it has done so much for so many people. Richard Scrushy was way ahead of us on these issues, and that’s one of the reasons I admire him so much. He is a man who truly cares about people, and he has spent a lifetime trying to bring better healthcare to this country.

Orin Hatch, United States Senator

Richard Scrushy came to Oklahoma State University and presented his side of the HealthSouth case to a student population who had recently heard other perspectives of the HealthSouth fraud. Mr. Scrushy was articulate, thorough, and completely candid about the events that led up to the HealthSouth trial and offered unique insights of a story that many have only had told to them from one perspective. Mr. Scrushy implored our students that no questions were off-limits and that he had nothing to hide. The freedom that he gave our students to ask whatever questions they desired led to engaging, candid, thought-provoking, and a well-spirited conversation about HealthSouth. His comments lingered on campus long after he left, with students debating with one another about what they now thought about one of the most discussed cases in accounting history. It is rare to see a speaker that has peeked so much interest in our student body, and was able to deliver a message that captivated their attention to such a great extent..

Chad Stefaniak, Oklahoma State University Professor

Mr. Scrushy presented at HFMA Gulf Coast Winter conference. A most intriguing and engaging man. His story is inspirational to his listeners. He is a visionary who has risen in the business world. Through his life experiences, he continues to reach thousands of people. Richard is a speaker who relates to his audience on a personal level and inspires them to reach their goals.

Russell Mancini, President and CEO of Apogee Consulting Group Inc.