Richard Scrushy is a dynamic risk taking entrepreneur with a powerful track record.  He was a founder of the three New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) companies.  All three companies became billion dollar companies and two of the companies became Fortune 500 companies.

Even at age twelve, Mr. Scrushy was proving himself to be a hard worker and a young entrepreneur. He worked at a local hamburger-and-milkshake stand and as a bellboy at a local hotel. During summers and weekends, he cut grass for neighbors and the local country club. At seventeen, Mr. Scrushy pumped gas and washed cars at a filling station, apprenticed with a brick mason, and handled parts and shipping at a tractor implement company.

He began his first company from the ground up with a simple business card and a dream. He served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of this company for nearly twenty years. The company grew from nothing to a multibillion dollar Fortune 500 Company.  He served as Chairman of another corporation for several years until it merged with another NYSE company and he served as Chairman and CEO of the third company.

As Chairman of these various companies, Mr. Scrushy raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital to fund the startup and growth of these companies and many others that he invested in and served on their Board of Directors. Additionally, he raised billions of dollars over a twenty year period in public offerings of both equity and debt and negotiated billions in bank loans for these companies. At one time the number of employees in the companies he chaired exceeded eighty thousand employees.

Mr. Scrushy negotiated and completed hundreds of small acquisitions and mergers and more than fifteen public companies totaling approximately seven billion dollars. One of his companies became the largest healthcare company geographically in America with more than 2350 facilities. The company had operations in all fifty states and every major city in the United States and several other countries including Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Australia.

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