Business and Inspirational Speaker

Richard Scrushy is an American entrepreneur and visionary. He has over thirty years of business insights and life experience to share with his audiences.  His testimony has two powerful facets. First, How do you build a billion dollar company from the ground up? He can speak with your group on a practical level of how you can achieve the American dream and he can speak on an inspirational level of what it means to lose the American dream of freedom.

Richard Scrushy will use his powerful insights to demonstrate how you can attain personal and professional success. He will use his life experiences to speak to groups about what it means to lose the American dream of freedom, but never lose faith and hope.  He is able to customize his speeches to your needs to insure it achieves your goals and is appropriate for your audience. Some specific topics he likes to speak on are:


  • What does it really take to build the billion dollar company?
  • The power of a real entrepreneur.
  •  How should we really value companies for the long term? Is Wall Street out of line?
  • What most people don’t know about our legal and justice system.
  • What really is going on with healthcare? Are we going to be ok?
  •  When building your big company what can go wrong? The mistakes I made and how to prevent them.
  • Leading during tough times.


  •  Losing it all to win!
  •  “My story” and my “Trials and triumphs”
  •  Knowing God is God and He is real.
  •  Faith and Family. Walking through the valley.

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Mr. Scrushy is available as a keynote speaker, joint presentation or as part of a panel.