Richard Scrushy to be Keynote Speaker at Student Day 2014, University of Memphis

Richard Scrushy to be Keynote Speaker at Student Day 2014, University of Memphis, presented by The Institute of Internal Auditors Memphis Chapter on April 8, 2014.

September 16,2013- Houston, TX: 7venth Power is pleased to announce that its President Richard Scrushy will be the Keynote speaker for Student Day presented by The Institute of Internal Auditors Memphis Chapter at the University of Memphis, on April 8, 2014 in Memphis, TN. Mr. Scrushy has been invited to speak about the importance of the CEO’s role in connection with corporate auditing and financial reporting.

He will talk about his experiences in building billion-dollar NYSE companies, the accounting and financial reporting responsibility of such companies, and the good and bad times his own business career has experienced. Included in his discussion will be the high profile investigations and trials brought by the United States government. Mr. Scrushy covers this topic because he feels a duty to inform the corporate community, students and others entering the financial and accounting industry about things that can go wrong and provide insight for prevention.

Mr. Scrushy accepts full responsibility for the problems that one company he founded went through when financial fraud occurred. Mr. Scrushy has said that “the CEO has to always take responsibility for the things that happen on his watch. It doesn’t matter if he was involved or not. It is still his responsibility.” He is also extremely remorseful for the hard times everyone went through, including shareholders and employees, and he continues to pull for all of those involved in carrying on the companies he began and built. He further believes that any officer or director who participated in one form or another in any such conduct needs to make amends to the corporate community and community at large where they live and work. During this keynote address, Mr. Scrushy will address all of these regulatory, corporate governance and ethical issues, as well as what he sees as the future.

The Institute of internal auditors Memphis Chapter is a very diverse chapter with over 430 members in more than 86 corporations and 10 government agencies.

The Memphis Chapter hosts an annual student day meeting that features a Chief Audit Executive Roundtable to help students learn more about the profession and what employers are looking for in internal audit candidates.

About Richard Scrushy
Richard Scrushy is a dynamic entrepreneur with a strong track record. He was a founder of three New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) companies. All three became billion dollar companies, and two became Fortune 500 companies.
He built his first company from the ground up with a business card and a dream. He then served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of that company for nearly twenty years. The company grew into a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company. He served as Chairman of another corporation for several years until it merged with a NYSE company, and he served as Chairman and CEO of yet a third company. At one time, the number of employees in the companies for which he served as Chairman exceeded eighty- thousand people.

One of the companies he started became the largest healthcare provider geographically in America with more than 2,350 facilities. The company had operations in all fifty states and every major city in the United States. It also had offices in several other countries including Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Australia.