7venth Power Announces the Release of a New Book Written By Their President and CEO

7venth Power announces the release of a new book written by their President and CEO. The new book is titled “WHEN BUILDING A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY” – HERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO THINK ABOUT.

Whether you’re looking to expand a business or kick off an idea, this guide will inspire and instruct you along the entire journey toward building a billion-dollar company.

The goal of this book is simple: to provide inspiration to others, so they can build a solid business and grow it into a billion-dollar company.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream?

Are you looking for an idea to build into a business?

Do you own a business and need guidance on where to go next?

Then let CEO of 7venth Power, Inc., Richard Scrushy show you the path to success. He’s been involved in building billion-dollar companies, and in this book, he tells his life’s stories and situations to demonstrate how ideas can become real, lucrative businesses.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach to building a billion-dollar company-there is no such thing. But there are certain processes and phases that all companies experience, which this guide explains and illustrates with inspiration and encouragement.

It begins with a dream that you can only pursue by overcoming the fear of the unknown-obstacles, failures, humiliations-whatever form they may take, they can no longer stand in your way. Let Scrushy inspire and encourage you to take that first leap of faith.

Richard Scrushy is known as a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who founded, built, and served as chairman and CEO of two Fortune 500 companies-both listed on the NYSE and both with revenues in the billions of dollars. One of these became a leading, quality, cost-effective healthcare company with more than 2,350 locations worldwide and employing over 52,000 people.

Over a twenty-year period, Scrushy specialized in the founding and funding of many other companies, closing hundreds of acquisitions and raising billions of dollars in company debt and equity.

Richard Scrushy now serves as President and CEO of 7venth Power, Inc., a company that assists businesses in achieving their goals by building their customer base and creating growth strategies that unleash profits, improves return on investment, and eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses.

The company also assists entrepreneurs in building their business plans and directing them in their pursuit of raising funds to finance their dream.

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