Legal Battles

[dropcap1 color=””]I[/dropcap1]n building these companies Mr. Scrushy proved he was a visionary and a dynamic risk taking entrepreneur. However, during the Bush years of “shock and awe” attacks on companies and white collar crime, Mr. Scrushy was charged by federal prosecutors for fraudulent financial reporting.

Mr. Scrushy fought these allegations in federal court and won after a six month trial when a jury of his peers found him not guilty on all charges. One of the jurors clearly stated to the media, “There was no evidence that Mr. Scrushy did anything wrong or had any knowledge of fraud.”

Within a few months after the jury found Mr. Scrushy not guilty, federal prosecutors attacked him again. He was accused of bribing the Governor of Alabama to sit on a volunteer state healthcare board. Mr. Scrushy held this seat under three governors, two republican and one democrat. No money ever changed hands between Mr. Scrushy and the governor and neither ever received any benefit of any form. However a local jury in Montgomery, Alabama found both the governor and Mr. Scrushy guilty of bribery and Mr. Scrushy was sentenced to eighty-two months in federal prison.  The U.S. Supreme Court vacated the charges and remanded the case back to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which reduced the counts and dropped the corruption charges. This allowed Mr. Scrushy to be released early from federal prison to go home to his family.  He spent nearly five years in prison.